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Friday, June 27, 2014

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Smooth and round cheeks fill the palm and fingers with a hard young meat. You grab her ass. She moans as she pushes her pussy and mouth with her hand, her head in her pussy.

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You spread your legs wide. Her head moved up and down, forward and back. Deep inside, lapping furiously outside, lapping like a Saint Bernard in a container with water.

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I pull out of your mouth. Massaging his throat, fuck me with your throat ("Go on girl! You feel like nausea, but you do not, and you squeeze the throat around my cock.

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I'm working my way down to his chest. I kiss you deeply, you feel my tongue, my love and my approval.

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I stand at the foot of the bed to kiss you when you go on her face, driving her tongue.

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I'm telling you to ride her face, while facing me.

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